Why You Should Hire a Disability Attorney

Why You Should Hire a Disability Attorney

If you are disabled and want to apply for benefits, you need to speak with a disability attorney Maine. You can get a free initial consultation and learn about the steps you need to take to prove your disability claim. You can also learn how to get a hearing and appeal a denial of benefits.

Free initial consultation with a disability lawyer in Maine

If you have been denied SSI benefits, you have many options. A disability lawyer in Maine can help you fight your case. A denial of benefits can be due to a number of reasons, including incorrect medical records. It can also be due to a mistake by the Social Security Administration.

If you have been denied benefits, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit in Maine’s district or superior courts. If your lawsuit is worth more than $75,000, it should be filed in federal court. This is because federal law applies to most disability insurance policies. The Maine Department of Insurance regulates insurance companies in the state. The United States District Court for Maine has jurisdiction over cases involving ERISA policies.

In Maine, over 70% of initial disability claims are denied. That’s higher than the national average of 67.8%. However, many applicants choose to file for reconsideration. However, less than 12% of reconsidered cases are awarded benefits. The next step in the process is to have your case heard by an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). In Maine, the only hearing office is in Portland.

When you apply for disability benefits, it is important to have hard evidence and detailed documentation of your medical condition. A disability lawyer can review these details for you and help you build the strongest case possible. He can also communicate with doctors and other medical professionals on your behalf. This way, the attorney can ensure that your application is accurate and thorough.

Steps to establish a disability claim

If you have been denied Social Security Disability benefits in Maine, it’s important to get help from a disability attorney who can help you establish your claim. An attorney can help you review your claim and gather documentation to file an appeal. Many service-related conditions get worse over time, and this means that your disability rating may need to be increased to reflect the true extent of your disability. When filing for a reevaluation of your disability rating, it is important to provide documentation of your worsening medical condition.

If you have been injured on the job, you may qualify for worker’s compensation benefits. These benefits can last for months or years, depending on your condition. Additionally, some employees may be covered under private disability insurance plans. These policies provide additional benefits for disabled workers.

Hiring a disability attorney can make the process go more smoothly. The lawyer will gather more evidence and determine whether there are any witnesses who can support your claim. If so, the attorney will subpoena these witnesses to testify at the hearing. It’s possible to hire a disability attorney at any stage of the process, but it’s usually better to retain one before the hearing level.

It’s important to know the specific definition of disability before filing an application. The Social Security Administration may not recognize all health conditions as disabling, so make sure to consult the Blue Book to determine whether your condition qualifies. The Social Security Administration will look at your medical records and the evidence in your disability claim to determine if it’s reasonable to work and meet certain financial obligations.

Getting a hearing

If you live in Maine and are eligible for disability benefits, you may qualify for a small monthly supplement. These benefits are based on your current living situation and are meant to help you pay the bills. However, the application process for disability benefits can be complicated and it is rare that you will be approved the first time you apply. In order to make the process go as smoothly as possible, you should get a disability attorney. A disability attorney in Maine will help you fill out the paperwork, gather the necessary medical evidence, and guide you through the claims process.

If the DDS denies your disability application, you can file a Request for Reconsideration. This is a second look at your case, often by another examiner. Once your case reaches this point, you will have to appear at a disability hearing in order to receive benefits. These hearings are held in Portland, Maine, or through video conference. Hearings are also held in Bangor, Augusta, and Presque Isle. The judge will review the medical evidence and hear from you. If necessary, the judge will ask an expert to testify for you, too.

You should make sure you receive advance notice of the hearing. In most cases, you should receive a call with a recording telling you when the hearing is set. You should plan to arrive at least one hour before the hearing, preferably early. The hearing notice will contain important information about the date and time, as well as what you will need to bring with you.

Appealing a denial of benefits

If you’ve been denied benefits from Social Security, you have the right to appeal the decision. You must file an appeal within 60 days of receiving the denial notice. The Social Security Administration (SSA) reviews appeals to determine if an initial denial was properly made. If an appeal is successful, the SSA will approve your benefits. Otherwise, you will have to file for a new application and wait for the review process to start again.

If you’ve been denied unemployment benefits because of insufficient work or earnings, you can appeal the denial. Each state has its own requirements for how much an applicant must earn or work over a 12-month base period. However, there are a few things to remember before appealing. The first thing to do is to make sure you’ve read the appeal instructions in your denial notice. Many states have specific deadlines for submitting appeals, so make sure to check the deadlines.

The next level of appeal is the appeals council. The appeals council will review the evidence and make a decision. If they find an error, they can send your case back to the ALJ. However, you must remember that this process takes a long time. Most people who appeal their claims are denied at this level.

You can appeal your denial of benefits by examining the reasons for the denial. Your appeal will help strengthen any weak points in your initial claim. Because group health insurance is governed by the ERISA law, it is important to use the strongest evidence you can find in order to strengthen your case.


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